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The subject thus seemed to regard these occurrences asobjectively caused, but was sufficiently sane to wonder whether herexperiences were not due to mental disorder.243The tendency of the auto-erotic phenomena of sleep to be manifested withsuch energy as to flow over into the waking life and influence consciousemotion and action, while very well marked in normal and healthy women, isseen to an exaggerated extent in hysterical women, in whom it has,therefore, chiefly been studied.

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I didn’t fall back to sleep but Alexis did. A study of pictures or statuary will alone serve to demonstrate that nakedness is always chaster in its effects than partial clothing. Looking back on the development of her feelings she finds that, though in some respects they may have been slow, they were simple, natural, spontaneous, and correspond to the dawning and progress which go on in the development of every girl. I could feel his heat, the alcohol buzzing through my brain, and a full, happy belly. Andrea reached under her own body and began furiously rubbing her clit, pulling herself along with Rebecca, closer to orgasm. There are lots of ways of giving pleasure he said its not just fucking.

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