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The later troubadours drew a much sharper distinction between spiritualand sensual love. But if, from whatevercause, there is partial arrest on the woman’s side of this evolution inthe process of courtship, if her submission is merely a mental anddeliberate act of will, and not an instinctive and impulsiveparticipation, there is a necessary failure of sexual relief andgratification. Sign up for our newsletter and stay in the know.

I had been drinking, and in the most brutal manner I took her into a closet.

Many a lover suffering from unrequited love, is born withthe tendency to become unhappy, with a secret will to the voluptuousnessof pain and melancholy; he will enjoy his unhappiness, perhaps becomeproductive through it.

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She took them off and threw them to me. Matfre had complained that men but now a means had been found to adore the beloved, and yet remainfaithful to God. I lay on him with my penis on his stomach and almost at once had an orgasm with emission, and experienced acute pleasure, though both he and I supposed that I had involuntarily micturated. This is a productive act, erotic, artistic and religious at thesame time. This distinction, made in order to safeguard dogma, quicklyrevealed its double-face.

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