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Love of thesame sex, Lancaster remarks, though not generally known, is very common;it is not mere friendship; the love is strong, real, and passionate. This is one of therespects in which women remain nearer than men to the primitive stage ofhumanity. Apart from the influence of books and pictures already mentioned, she remarks that she is sexually affected by the personal odor of a beloved person, but is not consciously affected by any other odors.

Van Gennep, Rites de Passage, passim.

viii, 1906, p. 712.

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This man, my correspondent added, was entirely normal and robust, butseemed to regard sexual congress as a mere evacuation, the sexual instinctapparently not being strong. Have you been dating a man for awhile? She lay beneath me, breathing easily now, revelling in her afterglow.

Jealousy is no proof of love, forOften jealousy is but rancor under a sense of humiliation. Epilog

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