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It has been noted that in sexual matters the Polynesians, when first discovered by Europeans, had largely gone beyond the primitive stage, and that this applies also to some of their dances.

H.C. has himself pointed out to me that his aversion to women, beginning to appear in the eighteenth year, was already well pronounced before he had ever heard definitely of specific homosexual acts, and fully a year before he experienced the slightest sexual interest in men or boys.

Ever since then women wear an apron of pandanus-leaves and men go naked.

The only time I was ever on the verge of nervous prostration was after having suppressed the instinct for ten months.

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I slanted my head down somewhat and nodded. Theemotion may be latent or unconscious; it may be all on one side; it isoften more or less recognized and shared. The Fijian people were really lovely to work with and I felt privileged to be allowed to do so, but when that crisis passed I decided I’d make my way home while cruising on yachts.

At least half adozen of my subjects are successful men of letters, and I could easilyadd others by going outside the group of Histories included in this study.

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