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also Brill, Psychanalysis, Chap.

We are perhaps abnormally self-centered and self-consciousnever cruel or vicious.

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Reserve a night a week for cheap date nights: picnics, walks, movies, etc. There are,however, a vast number of people, possessing strong sexual emotions andliving a solitary life, who experience, sometimes by instinct andsometimes on moral grounds, a strong repugnance for these manifestationsof auto-erotism. She remained leaning on the magic machine as her orgasm trembled through her, deciding instantly that this time, one was not going to be enough. The New Caledonians, according to Foley (Bulletin de la Société d’Anthropologie, November 6, 1879), only like the smells of meat and fish which are becoming “high,” like popoya, which smells of fowl manure, and kava, of rotten eggs.

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