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Examination showed an enlarged and retroflexed uterus and anesthesia of vagina. In the second case, the mother, aged 25, a tripara, had previously had very rapid labors; she awoke in the middle of the night without pains, but during micturition the fetal head appeared at the vulva, and was soon born. We climbed into the car, locked it from the inside, and we became immediately aware of our proximity to each other and the total silence. In most cases, however, it seems to me that homosexual dreams in normal persons may be simply explained as due to the ordinary confusion and transition of dream imagery. I often get asked what the age range of my students are.

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Charcot had affirmed the power, not only of physical traumatism, but evenof psychic lesionsof moral shocksto provoke its manifestations, buthis sole contribution to the psychology of this psychic malady,and thiswas borrowed from the Nancy school,lay in the one word suggestibility;the nature and mechanism of this psychic process he left whollyunexplained.

I can’t get pregnant.

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